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This entry at Junk Science, an anti-Red-Green site, caught my eye.  I often read the site, but shall be less inclined to, as it is clearly committed to the Jewish agenda.  I had been overly optimistic, since the blogger in question had recently replied to someone who asserted that Jews merely follow a religion and do not constitute a nationality, that “A jew belongs to an ethnic group–big noses, dark hair, play the violin, do physics.”; however, apparently he is in reality a shabbos goy, as his philo-Semitism — or is it what one commenter on this little blog aptly called “pathetic Jew-fearing equivocation”? — is so hopeless that he would not even post the below comment (even to denounce it!), which follows with additions in brackets, as well as hyperlinks added:

First of all, there is no such thing as “Judeo-Christian values” [the shabbos goy having pretended to defend “our Judeo-Christian western civ” from Obongowitz]; there’s a stronger case to be made for “Judeo-Islamic values”:

Giuliani is wrong to equate the Crusaders with the Moslems, and to call them barbarians; the Crusaders were trying to recapture lands that had been stolen by the Moslems, with terrible atrocities committed against Christians in the process.  Those lands had Christian heritage stretching back to the dawn of Christianity (e.g., the Levant, North Africa), and the Crusaders did nothing wrong by trying to recapture them, even if, in retrospect, it may seem to us that they were too hard on the Oriental Orthodox (e.g., the Copts, who supposedly had to seek protection from the Moslems, who supposedly treated them better than the Roman Catholics [did]), whom they regarded as schismatic and heretical.

What exactly do you mean by “fascism”?  If it were a White ethnonationalist government, wouldn’t that be good, or does it have to be kosher-conservative (i.e., good for the Jews) for you to endorse it?  Although it’s often forgotten, some Revisionist Zionists (e.g., Abba Ahimeir) and Black Nationalists (e.g., Marcus Garvey) were admirers of fascism.  It’s not my cup of tea as an American, but I prefer it to critical theory, “Civil Rights” orthodoxy (including the LGBTQI nuttiness), feminism, and all the other Jew-invented idiocies of our degenerate nation.

Krauthammer has no business calling IS “Nazis”.  The National Socialists posed no threat to White culture, which they correctly regarded as decadent, and sought to defend from modernist subversion, which they correctly identified as being a largely Jewish project.  They had no intention of going to war against the United States, or even — in the near future, at least — against Britain.  If it hadn’t been for the stupid Polish Guarantee, which was made only because the Brits regard Germans as a lower life form and wanted to prevent them from dominating the Continent, and Lend-Lease, which happened only because the US government was filled with Communist agents and sympathizers (little if any difference there, contrary to propaganda), National Socialism would probably have been very beneficial to Western civilization.  However, the American government, at the behest of the Soviet sympathizers and agents in its ranks (many but not all of them Jews), saw to it that Soviet Russia was well-armed, often at the expense of the United States and England, and that Pearl Harbor was orchestrated, the whole point being that Germany and Italy would be forced to fight America because of the Tripartite Pact[, thereby giving America an excuse to join the war on the side of the Soviets to save them from sure destruction at the hands of the Germans and the Japanese].  The National Socialists thought the Brits were doing such a good job of governing the Raj that they thought the English, whom they regarded as a brotherly Nordic race, should be allowed to keep India, which is more than I can say for the Labour Party in 1948, or the so-called “fascists” in Britain these days (e.g., Nick Griffin, who admires Gandhi).  IS would pose no threat to the Caucasphere if Jews like Emanuel Celler and Abraham Foxman hadn’t filled White countries with Third World trash, then used their tribal media monopoly to crush all criticism of their dark-skinned friends.

As Ann Coulter pointed out, when Sheldon Adelson stated publicly that he wanted to build a fence around “our” country, he meant around Israel; in the United States, he wants the border[s] open, so he can keep the cheap labor (and probably the drugs) coming to his casinos.  Israel deports illegal aliens (especially the Blacks), gives automatic citizenship to politically [reliable] people with a minimum of one-quarter-Jewish ancestry [and their spouses], spies on and betrays her allies (e.g., Jonathan Pollard stealing American military secrets that ended up going to the Soviet Union), and drags America into Jewish wars dreamt up by nutty neocon-Zionists bent on maintaining Israel’s place as the regional superpower, all whilst she extorts a steady stream of blood money from Germany, where the Jews, the Moslems, and the race-traitors are teaming up to finish what General Eisenhower, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Harry Dexter White, and the Red Army (the Red Army with plenty of incitement from Ilya Ehrenburg) started.  If the United States and Europe were serious about defending their White populations — as opposed to replacing them –, they would not be taking in Moslem “refugees” from areas where the Islamic State is active; instead, they are acting as though the secular, relatively pro-Christian government of Bashar al-Assad is a comparable threat to that of the Islamic State.  Israel is perfectly capable of picking up the trash:  She is a nuclear power with a formidable, American-funded military.  For now, however, it appears she prefers to make American soldiers do her dirty work for her, particularly with respect to the beating of the drums for a war with Iran over the past decade or so, after the Jews had their way with Saddam Hussein and his secular government, whose WMDs — which no one in the US government [with any influence] really cared about, despite their having been used as the justification for the Iraq War — are now in the hands of IS.

With respect to Israel and Moslem immigration to North America and Europe, Baruch Efrati and Moshe Feiglin are openly jubilant about the Islamization of Europe and, in Feiglin’s case, the Hispanization of America, and the World Jewish Congress works with Moslems to support “multiculturalism” in Europe. Given that Netanyahu recently called for the Jews of Europe to emigrate to Israel, perhaps it should dawn on Europeans and their White cousins around the world that all of this has been deliberate:  The Jews have drowned Europe in Moslem immigrants, crushed political opposition, then fled to their stronghold, which is largely financed with blood money extorted from their victims, perhaps only to return at some future date.  It would make sense for them to do the same if the simmering Hispanic-Moslem alliance in America were to grow restive. In light of this, it could be a blessing if the Jews’ fortress — Israel — were wiped out, that the Jews might be forced to behave responsibly instead of reflexively wrecking host countries, as they have been doing at least since their time in Ancient Egypt.

[Note: Naturally, the Jews in Europe are hysterical about Netanyahu’s remarks.  This may be an example of the strategic difference, often underestimated by non-Jews, between diaspora Jews, who rely on crypsis and phony assimilation for their power over their neighbors, and the Zionist Jews, who are openly nationalistic and tend to frustrate the deceptive efforts of diaspora Jews to appear assimilated.  It is for this reason that diaspora Jews who don’t lift a finger to stop the Jewish destruction of their host countries often consider Zionist Jews to be an embarrassment:  They are afraid someone will observe the connection between them and the openly genocidal buffoons in Israel.  These strategies are not mutually exclusive; many diaspora Communist Jews have been purged for Zionism, and many Zionist Jews, whether in Israel or in the diaspora, promote the racial dispossession of Whites.  I’ve written about some of these things here.]

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Passing Thoughts

1) The highly professional faux-bungling of the Jessica Chambers interracial gang-rape/murder case shows that the Jews, especially in the mass media and the legal profession, work hard — and very effectively — to prevent Whites from obtaining justice for their people when they are violated and burned to death by Congoids (or, if local corruption is directly responsible for the faux-bungling of the case, the Jews place inordinately less pressure than they would have on the local authorities to solve the crime than they would have had the perp been White and the victim non-White).  Most likely, the Jew-financed, Islamophile mulatto elite (e.g., Obongowitz, Valerie Jarrett) too, with its burning hatred of all things White, has a hand in this. Whites are well on their way to being liquidated by the Minority Occupation Government, just as the nobility, the professional classes, and the less-destitute peasants were liquidated during the early phases of the Jewish occupation of Russia, which continues up to the present day.

2) Although the anti-Jewishness and effectiveness of the Islamic State (IS) are attractive, I see no benefit to Whites in this, except for the possibility it may ultimately lead to a clash between Jews and Moslems.  That IS offers support to Congoids terrorizing Whitey (e.g., in Ferguson), rather than to Whites being terrorized by Congoids, shows that it is no friend of Whites, much less of the survival of European and European-diaspora traditions — as if we didn’t already know that.  It is an especially apt illustration of the Judeo-Islamic alliance that the Ferguson riots, where IS has recruited Congoids, are being financed by the International Jew extraordinaire, Gyorgy Schwartz, a.k.a. George Soros.

The Qataris, who have one of the top-five economies in the world in terms of GDP per capita, finance IS, as do their geopolitical rivals, the Saudis.  There is considerable hostility not only between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who share Wahhabism as their state-sponsored form of Islam, but between Qatar and Iran, the latter being Shi’ite.

Personally, I suspect Qatar and Saudi Arabia (as well as Saudi Arabia’s client state, Turkey) are supporting IS in order to drag Iran into a quagmire;  Iran would have to defeat a virtually inexhaustible supply of Sunni jihadists in order to regain IS-controlled areas of Iraq for the Shi’ites, and appears to be attempting to do just that.  Why is it exactly that American weapons shipments supposedly intended for the Iraqi security forces keep ending up in IS territory?

The behavior of American politicians with respect to IS is similar to their behavior with respect to the Soviet Union and, nowadays, Red China.  As Diana West has documented in American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character,  Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were absolutely guilty of that of which they were convicted, but it was nearly irrelevant, since the U.S. government had already all but handed the Bomb to the Soviets via Lend-Lease (Lend-Lease having also greatly assisted the Soviet role in the genocide of the German people), and continued to prop up the Soviets financially later on (this while American schoolchildren were being taught to hide under their desks to be safe from Soviet nuclear attack).  Antony C. Sutton wrote in his 1984 book, America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones

This is not the place to tell the whole story of American involvement in China. It began with Wall Street intervention into the Sun Yat Sen revolution of 1911 – a story not yet publicly recorded.  

During World War II the United States helped the Chinese Communists into power. As one Chinese authority, Chin-tung Liang, has written about General Joseph W. Stilwell, the key U.S. representative in China from 1942 to 1944: “From the viewpoint of the struggle against Communism . . . [Stilwell] did a great disservice to China.”‘

Yet Stilwell only reflected orders from Washington, from General George C. Marshall. And as Admiral Cooke stated to Congress, “. . . in 1946 General Marshall used the tactics of stoppage of ammunition to invisibly disarm the Chinese forces.But when we get to General Marshall we need to remember that in the U.S. the civilian branch has final authority in matters military and :’,at gets us to then Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, Marshall’s superior and a member of The Order [i.e., Skull & Bones] (1888). By an amazing coincidence, Stimson was also Secretary of War in 1911 – at the time of the Sun Yat Sen revolution. 

The story of the betrayal of China and the role of The Order will have to await yet another volume. At this time we want only to record the decision to build Communist China as a new arm of the dialectic – a ,decision made under President Richard Nixon and placed into operation by Henry Kissinger (Chase Manhattan Bank) and George “Poppy” Bush (The Order).

As we go to press (early 1984) Bechtel Corporation has established a new company, Bechtel China, Inc., to handle development, engineering and construction contracts for the Chinese government. The new president of Bechtel China, Inc. is Sydney B. Ford, formerly marketing manager of Bechtel Civil & Minerals, Inc. Currently Bechtel is working on studies for the China National Coal Development Corporation and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation – both, of course, Chinese Communist organizations.

It appears that Bechtel is now to play a similar role to that of Detroit based Albert Kahn, Inc., the firm that in 1928 undertook initial studies and planning for the First Five Year Plan in the Soviet Union.

By about the year 2000 Communist China will be a “superpower” built by American technology and skill. It is presumably the intention of The Order to place this power in a conflict mode with the Soviet Union.

There is no doubt Bechtel will do its job. Former CIA Director Richard Helms works for Bechtel, so did Secretary of State George Shultz and Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. That’s a powerful, influential combination, if any Washington planner concerned with national Security gets out of line sufficiently to protest.

Yet, The Order has probably again miscalculated. What will be Moscow’s reaction to this dialectic challenge?  Even without traditional Russian paranoia they can be excused for feeling more than a little uneasy. And who is to say that the Chinese Communists will not make their peace with Moscow after 2000 and join forces to eliminate the super-super-power – the United States?  

Jung Chang and Jon Halliday wrote in Mao: The Unknown Story: [George C.] Marshall was to perform a monumental service to Mao.  When Mao had his back to the wall in what could be called his Dunkirk in late spring 1946, Marshall put heavy — and decisive — pressure on Chiang to stop pursuing the Communists into northern Manchuria, saying that the US would not help him if he pushed further, and threatening to stop ferrying Nationalist troops to Manchuria. On 31 May, Marshall wrote to Chiang, invoking his personal honour:

Under the circumstances of the continued advance of the Government troops in Manchuria, I must . . . repeat that . . . a point is being reached where the integrity of my position is open to serious question.  Therefore I request you again to immediately issue an order terminating advances, attacks or pursuits by Government troops . . .

Chiang gave in and agreed to a fifteen-day ceasefire.  This came at the very moment when Mao had become resigned to abandoning the last big Red-held city in Manchuria, Harbin, and dispersing his army into guerilla units.  In fact, he had issued the order on 3 June but on the 5th, when he learned about the ceasefire, he dashed off a new order: ‘Hang on . . . especially keep Harbin.’  The tide had turned.

Marshall’s diktat was probably the most important decision affecting the outcome of the civil war.  The Reds who experienced that period, from Lin Biao to army veterans, concurred in private that this truce was a fatal mistake on Chiang’s part.  Had he pressed on, then at the very least he might have prevented the Reds establishing a large base on the Soviet border, with rail links to Russia, over which huge amounts of heavy artillery were brought in.  Furthermore, having agreed to a truce of two weeks, Chiang then found Marshall proposing that it be extended to nearly four months and cover the whole of Manchuria — and that the Communists be allowed to keep northern Manchuria.  For Chiang to press on would have meant a head-on collision with Marshall, who, Chiang noted, ‘was in an exceptionally violent fury’ in this period.

The Generalissimo found pressure bearing down on him not only from Marshall, but from President Truman himself.  In mid-July, two prominent anti-Nationalist intellectuals were gunned down in the Nationalist area.  That month, a public opinion poll in the US showed that only 13 per cent favoured aiding Chiang, while 50 per cent wanted to “Stay Out”.   On 10 August, Truman wrote to Chiang using very tough language, citing the two assassinations and saying that the American people ‘view with violent repugnance’ events in China.  Truman threatened that he might have to ‘redefine’ America’s position if there was no progress ‘toward a peaceful settlement’.

Under these circumstances, Chiang held his fire in Manchuria (although he pursued Mao’s forces elsewhere, with some success).  One of Chiang’s closest colleagues, Chin Li-fu, disagreed with his restraint.  “Be like Franco of Spain’, he told Chiang; ‘if you want to fight communism, fight it to the end.’  A stop-go approach would not work, he told Chiang: ‘No good to fire and cease fire, cease fire and fire . . .’  But Chiang needed American aid, which came to  some US$3 billion for the whole civil war (almost $1.6 billion in outright grants, and about $850m in de facto gifts of arms), and bowed to American pressure.

Mao thus gained a secure base in northern Manchuria some 1,000 km by 500 km, an area far bigger than Germany, with long land borders and railway links with Russia and its satellites.  To his top brass, Mao compared this base to a comfortable armchair, with Russia as a solid back to lean on, and North Korea and Outer Mongolia on each side on which to rest his arms.

3)  With respect to the alliance between the Jews, the Islamophile mulatto elite, and outright jihadists, it is worth noting the Muslim Brotherhood’s degree of infiltration of the American government, as well as the Obama Administration’s snub of the French unity rally in support of Charlie Hebdo.  While Charlie Hebdo certainly is not an Identitarian publication, it seems likely that the American snub was directed at the suggestion that non-Islamic peoples and cultures — perhaps even French people and culture? — have a right to exist in France, a right which, in the relatively near future, seems tragically doomed.

4) What Marcus Garvey so courageously and presciently opposed as the enemy of the Negro in the United States — the Jew-financed movement to create an artificial mulatto elite, in part via the promotion of miscegenation — has now become a threat to Whites everywhere.  While Congoids are of little interest to me, except insofar as they like to terrorize Whitey and should thus be removed from White lands and/or destroyed, it seems to me that Congoids and Whites alike would be much better off today, had the Jews been prevented from converting Congoids into a bludgeoning instrument with which to assault Whitey.  The Communist-Jew-controlled African National Congress used to “necklace” its Congoid opposition (i.e.,  fill rubber tires with gasoline, place them around the victims’ necks, and set them alight), in addition to the many acts of terrorism it carried out against Aryan South Africans; now it has graduated to the Afrikaner Genocide.

5)  Will civilization exist in a hundred years?  At present, it’s hard to be optimistic.

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The Zionist-Salafist Conspiracy

From Press TV (Hat Tip: David Duke):

Iran’s IRGC confirms killing of its general in Syria’s Golan

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) confirms the killing of one of its generals in an Israeli airstrike on the occupied Golan Heights in Syria that also killed six members of the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.

“A number of fighters and forces of the Islamic Resistance along with Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Allahdadi were visiting the region of Quneitra and were attacked by a military helicopter of the Zionist regime,” the IRGC said in a statement on its website on Monday.

“This brave general and some members of Hezbollah were martyred as a result of this crime,” it added.

It said Allahdadi had traveled to Syria to provide consultation and help the Syrian government and nation counter the Takfiri and Salafi terrorists in the war-stricken country.

He gave “decisive” consultation about ways to stop and thwart the Israeli regime’s plots and crimes, it added.

The statement emphasized that the killing of the IRGC general and Hezbollah fighters would strengthen the movement’s determination to fight the Israeli regime.

“The Zionist regime’s [Israel] criminal move to violate Syria’s airspace once again showed that the terrorist plot of the ISIL and Takfiri groups has been hatched in line with policies of the arrogant and Zionist system and in coordination with leaders of the White House and the occupying regime of al-Quds against the Muslim community,” the IRGC said.

They are not committed to any international regulations and human and moral principles to achieve their evil goals, it pointed out.

Jihad Mughniyeh funeral procession

Lebanon’s Hezbollah on Monday held a funeral procession for Jihad Mughniyeh in southern Beirut. Massive crowd took part in the event.

Jihad was among six Hezbollah fighters killed in Israel’s missile strike on Syria’s Golan Heights. He was the son of Hezbollah’s slain military commander, Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in an Israeli-orchestrated bombing back in 2008.

Painful reponse

A source close to the Lebanon’s Hezbollah says the movement’s response to Israel’s deadly attack on members of the resistance would be “painful.”

“The attack against six Hezbollah members will have a painful and unexpected response, but it can be assumed that it will be controlled to prevent an all-out war,” the sources told the Lebanese As-Safir Arabic political daily on Monday.

A serious mistake

The Syrian information minister has slammed as a “serious mistake” the recent Israeli airstrike on the southwestern strategic Syrian city of Quneitra.

“Israel has made a serious mistake when it attacked on Syrian soil today,” Omran al-Zoubi said in an interview with Lebanese al-Manar TV on Sunday.

Al-Zoubi said the airstrikes proved the Tel Aviv regime was cooperating with terrorist groups, including the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

The Syrian minister said that Israel needs the terrorist groups to act as a “buffer zone” that separates it from the Syrian army and people.

Whoever fights the Syrian people and army is putting himself in the service of the Zionist project against Syria, Palestine and the Arab nation, he added.

Iran’s condemnation

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the killing of six fighters of Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah by Israel, Press TV reports.

“We condemn all actions of the Zionist regime [of Israel] as well as all acts of terror,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Press TV early on Monday, lashing out at Israel for committing acts of terrorism.

Zarif further censured the acts of terrorism against the people of Lebanon and the resistance movement, saying that “this has been a practice followed for a very long time,” the top Iranian diplomat noted. “The policy of state terrorism is a known policy of the Zionist regime [of Israel],” he added.

Hezbollah statement

Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah confirmed the death of six fighters in the new Israeli airstrike on the southwestern strategic Syrian city of Quneitra.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Hezbollah said 25-year-old Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of slain Hezbollah top commander Imad Mughniyeh, and five other fighters lost their lives in the fresh Israeli aerial assault against Syria.

Hezbollah identified the other victims as Mohammad Issa,42, Abbas Ibrahim Hijazi, 35, Mohammad Ali Hasan Abu al-Hasan, 29, Ghazi Ali Dawi, 26, and Ali Hasan Ibrahim, 21.

The martyrs were reportedly on a field reconnaissance mission in Quneitra when an Israeli military helicopter targeted their vehicle.

Fresh Israeli aggression

On Sunday, an Israeli military helicopter fired two missiles into Amal Farms in the strategic southwestern city of Quneitra, close to line separating the Syrian part of the Golan Heights from the Israeli-occupied sector.

The Israeli military has so far declined comment on the attack.

Press TV reported that the Israeli military has gone on high alert for the fear of a possible Hezbollah response to the regime’s new act of aggression.

Analysts believe the new Israeli assault is yet another attempt by Tel Aviv to change the balance of war in favor of the Takfiri militants fighting against Syria.

The new Israeli aerial raid comes as Syrian soldiers, backed by Hezbollah resistance fighters, have made numerous gains against the militants operating in Quneitra.

The Tel Aviv regime has carried out several airstrikes in Syria since the start of the nearly four-year-old foreign-sponsored militancy there.

Damascus says Tel Aviv and its Western allies are aiding the extremist terror groups operating inside Syria since March 2011.

The Syrian army has repeatedly seized huge quantities of Israeli-made weapons and advanced military equipment from the foreign-backed militants inside the Arab state.

Berri reaction

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has hit out at the Tel Aviv regime for disrupting stability in Lebanon.

“Every time we take steps forward in terms of achieving stability … Israel tries to create chaos,” local Lebanese media quoted  Berri as saying on Monday.

“Israelis don’t want Lebanon to relax,” he said.

Lebanon’s al-Manar TV said later in the day that Tel Aviv is  “playing with fire that puts the security of the whole Middle East on edge.


Previously, I have noted that, contrary to the myth of Jewish victimhood portrayed by the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, Jews — including Zionists — readily collaborate with their Semitic Mohammedan (although recent research suggests Ashkenazi Levites may be of Iranian descent) cousins against Aryans.  In the Middle East, this means using the time-honored Jewish technique of rabble-rousing to encourage the most vicious Semites (e.g., the IS cannibals) to rise up against the Aryans of Iran.  It will be interesting to see how the Kurds react to this genocidal betrayal by their Jewish friends.  Paul Gottfried is right: Judaism has long been closer to Islam than to Christianity.  “Robert T. Burnham” was also right:  The Jews’ goal is to manipulate the United States into helping them turn Europe and the Middle East back to the first millenium AD (specifically, to the seventh-century Arabian desert — NYU), thereby allowing the Jews to impose feudalism.  This is bad news for Europeans and their diaspora, because Jews have been able to defang Europeans and their diaspora via Christianity and its successors —  something they show no sign of doing with darker peoples.

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Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for Jewish World Domination

Winston Churchill’s famous essay, Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People, was wrong (just as Churchill was wrong to oppose the Third Reich, supposedly in support of Poland’s sovereignty, waging a campaign of genocide against the German people, then standing by helplessly while Roosevelt handed over Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe to Stalin).

Jews can be both Zionist and Bolshevist, which was one of the reasons for purges of Zionists from the CPSU and its American affiliate, the CPUSA.  Zionism comes in multiple flavors, but they are mostly — perhaps all — racially nationalistic.  The struggle between Zionism and Bolshevism, especially Cultural Bolshevism (Jews want to keep their banks), is largely a struggle between Jews who have chosen to pursue differing strategies for world domination.

It is at best an error — in the case of many Jews in the so-called “White Nationalist” movement, perhaps yet another case of Jews spreading disinformation — to suggest that cosmopolitan Jews are somehow less Jewish than Zionist and/or religious Jews.  In reality, both groups often harbor mutual sympathies, but one group has, perhaps foolishly, decided to take on the world openly, while the other has decided to subvert the world using crypsis, with the goal of assuring itself a permanent position at the top of the global sociopolitical pecking order, should the hated Aryans grow restive.

Zionist Jews find the subversive tendencies of cosmopolitan Jews annoying, because cosmopolitan Jews often subvert Israel as well as non-Jewish states.  However, the deranged sympathies of some Jews for their black and brown fellow untermenschen who find themselves at odds with the Israelis do not make such deranged Jews any less dangerous to Aryans; to the contrary, they are on exactly the same page with respect to Aryans as are the Zionist Jews, such as Ronald Lauder and the World Jewish Congress, who are pushing for more Moslem immigration to Europe, and whose actions have quite sensibly led to the boycott of Estee Lauder by Golden Dawn, a boycott which I wholeheartedly support.

Cosmopolitan Jews simply see the supposed oppression of Israel’s Palestinian enemies — as though mass killings were abnormal during war, especially with Jews and/or Moslems involved — as a threat to global Jewry, some such Jews still believing in the two-state solution, or believing that Jews can live side-by-side with Palestinians in a unified Israel-Palestine, while others believe that Jews should simply leave the Middle East for greener pastures.

Given the degree of damage Jews have done to Aryan peoples and cultures, Europeans have much better reasons to be angry with Jews than the sight of Jews bombing Palestinians, whom the extremely Jew-wise House of Saud rightly detests.  But the King David Hotel Bombing, the assassination of Lord Moyne and the murder of his driver (as well as the subsequent lies about Lord Moyne’s racial views proffered by his assassins as justification for his murder, which were, until recently, quite naturally taken at face value, since the assassins were God’s Chosen People), the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty atrocities, and the conspiracy of the Israeli government with treasonous American neocon-Zionists to provoke the second Iraq war seem to have been forgiven and forgotten; all that matters is that the Jews, whom today’s Europeans and younger Euro-Americans seem to confuse with themselves, are abusing brown people.

In the case of Europeans, this is the direct result of de-Nazification, as well as of European overdoses on writings of Leftist Jews such as Franz Boas, Gyorgy Lukacs, and Jacques Derrida: Combined with the toxic ideologies of the French Enlightenment (originally suicidally Negrophilic but sensibly anti-Jewish), German Idealism, Marxism (especially the school of Antonio Gramsci, whose mother may have been a Sephardic Jewess), theological modernism, Existentialism, Postmodernism, Judeo-feminism, womanism, homosexualism, transgenderism, “anti-racism”, anti-lookism, etc., in addition to thousands of years of one-world Christian brainwashing — the creation of Pauline Christianity having been an act of cosmopolitan-Jewish subversion –, these have now effectively destroyed Europeans and their civilization.

As for Euro-Americans, the older generation seems to believe that the Israelis are their allies in the “War on Terror” (which is the movement-conservative name for sending Aryan soldiers to die trying to turn Islamic cesspools into Iceland while Jews invite Moslems to colonize Aryan countries), that the Jews are God’s Chosen People, and that it is the Israelis’ sacred duty to make sure the Holy Land remains undivided in Jewish hands; the younger generation seems to be following in Europeans’ footsteps — due to more intensive indoctrination with propaganda similar to that which has been used with such success on the Europeans –, which had already manifested itself in milder form in the older generations (e.g., deranged loathing of Hitler, worship of Lincoln and MLK).

I would laugh, if only it weren’t all so tragic.

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Boycott Estee Lauder!

Boycott Estee Lauder!. Golden Dawn is absolutely right: Ronald Lauder and Global Zionism want a Jewish Israel and a Greater Maghreb in place of Europe.  They must be stopped, and Aryans should hit them where it hurts: in the pocket book.  I can see it now: “Oy, vay — ze pain!  Ze antoy-semetism!  It’s an outghage!”  And if they think that hurts, maybe Aryans should create a Jasenovac for the elimination and disposal of Jews! :)

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The Jew “Fag” Promoters…..


Evidence of yet another disgusting conspiracy against Whites from the tribe that plagues civilization.  The only solution is the Final one.

Originally posted on EXPEL THE PARASITE!:

This post can be found at:

Rodney Martin, Director
World View Foundations

The following is an extensive exhaustive list of JEWS which clearly demonstrates that the radical and aggressive homosexual movement in the United States is a Jewish movement.

Jews created it and operate it from top to bottom and from within many facets of our Society and Institutions. Jews have been advocating homosexuality, since they arrived in the United States from Weimar Germany in the 1930’s.

The Jewish Homosexual Agenda is one of perversion and degeneracy that has spread like a wildfire through every facet of American Culture. The list below should be read very closely as many of these Jew activists, such as Dr. Donald I. Abrams, also advocated for other “causes”, such as “medical marijuana” which have led to the destruction of our moral foundation.
A close read of the names, occupations, and professions reveals, Jews…

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Golden Dawn


Greeks in NYC should come to their senses and join Golden Dawn New York, the best political organization in this city.

Originally posted on The West’s Darkest Hour:

I have been watching a few videos on the George Zimmerman verdict and the thought arrived to my mind that Alex Linder is absolutely right: as to organizing in the real world and preparing ourselves for fight, the Greeks are light-years ahead from their American counterparts—both the meta-politicians and the naïve Christian nationalists.

The following is a curiously harmonic collage of paragraphs on the Golden Dawn I stole from Metapedia and its nemesis Wikipedia, which I edited slightly:


Chrysi Avyi (Greek: Χρυσή Αυγή, English: Golden Dawn) is the national liberation movement of the Greek people, strongly opposed to communism, plutocracy and the demographic genocide of the people through third-world invasion. Hrisi Avgi is also the name of a newspaper and a magazine published by that movement. The leader of the party is Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

The party is nationalist and socialistic, evoking Ancient Hellas, and in particular the militant…

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